A balanced diet contains all the nutrients which your body needs to function properly. A balanced diet is necessary because your tissues and organs cannot function properly without good nutrition. When good nutrition is absent, it makes your body susceptible to disease, fatigue, infection and below average performance.

Children who are not given a balanced diet are at a risk of poor growth and developmental issues, alongside with poor academic performance, poor eating habits amongst others. The increased frequency of diabetes and obesity are as a result of lack of exercise and a poor diet.

Eating a balanced diet does not mean enforcing unnecessary strict limitations, remaining thin and avoiding the food you love. It involves having that great feeling; being energized, enhancing your health and improving your mood. A balanced diet does not have to be complicated.

There are some individuals who feel burdened by the whole idea of good nutrition and diet tips, and it is said to be normal, you need a dietician who is skilled at further explaining how beneficial a good nutrition is.

Basically, the human body requires a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber in our diets to attain the healthy status. Of course, we cannot leave out the place of water. This is why it is advised that water is best taken after food instead of drinks.

Starting off on a new note for a healthy diet is quite simple, you do not have to be perfect in the first instance, and it is not compulsory you totally remove all the foods you enjoy, it is a gradual process.

All you need do, is to keep making few changes one step at a time. Ensure your goals are modest, and attainable within that period. With time, set more goals for yourself, and see if you can achieve them.

When you prepare your meals, it helps you to achieve the required balanced diet, rather than eating out. However, it is understandable that our schedules might not afford us the luxury of eating home-made meals every time.

Conclusively, carry your dietician along in this healthy eating journey, to prevent yourself from making mistakes.

Updated: August 21, 2019 — 9:28 pm

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